Behind the Scenes Tour

Psst...wanna see something most people never see? I got photos over here...wanna see?
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Late is better rhan Never!
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Review: Quality Suites NYC Gateway, North Beergen NJ

A good basic hotel for those not needing the upper-crust experience.
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Three Days Before the Trip…and you did WHAT?

Ok, the calendar is lighter -- but not THIS light! And the challenges (folly?) of doing a group trip seminar a few days before embarking on your own cruise!
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Could a Cruise be in My Near Future?

Events on the calendar are starting to lighten up. You almost never see this long. Go between times that I ...
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About Hurricane Lee

Will Hurricane Lee impact the current Escape sailing? Yes. How? I consider some options.
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Oh, My!

The countdown to what I’ve dubbed or “Mega” cruise is underway. I’ll have more details later this weekend.
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This trip has involved so many changes in the past 60 days...some good, some no so much. But the time has come to put planning aside and just go along for the ride.
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Getting Social

Taking a bit today to get things setup for the Cruise Critic members who will be joining ups on our journey.
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How’s the Progress?

Wow, 3 months since a post! Let's get that corrected right now!
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Accountability: 05-Dec-2020

Check in, a month into our 24-month journey to prepare for the cruise....and check out the halfway-across-the-country trip I took just before Thanskgiving!
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So Yeah, About that “Floating Petri Dish” thing?

Floating Petri Dish? Return to No-Sail Order? I call BS!
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